The feeling of pride is powerful here.

What’s it like to work at PPG? Some important aspects of our culture include:

A love for leading the way. Throughout our history, PPG has always focused on being the leader in our industry. Our culture is very results oriented, with an insistence on innovation, integrity and talent development. We achieve as individuals through our collective effort to grow our business and move forward.

A drive to always improve. We’re not just concerned with creating and improving products, but also improving internal processes and technology. Employees are encouraged to look for ways to build new processes, revamp existing methods or bring efficiencies into their work, while maintaining safety standards and high integrity.

Teamwork, long-lasting relationships and pride. PPG is a place where collaboration is crucial, the atmosphere is congenial and the potential to develop your professional network and foster strong relationships is real. We welcome new employees and are invested in helping them find their place. Plus, the sense of pride in PPG people is palpable.

We communicate openly. PPG prioritizes communication throughout the organization. Through online communication, web meetings, staff meetings and online training, we demonstrate a strong commitment to communication and collaboration on a daily basis.

A commitment to community. Where possible, we seek to engage employee volunteers in the education activities we support, to bring these programs to life. Whether it is sharing safety techniques to a robotics club or teaching a group of students about color innovation, our community partners benefit from the science, technology, engineering and math expertise of our employees – and their enthusiasm for giving back.

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